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Tinton hillstay

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Tinton Hillstay

Western Ghats is the mountain line which is the shelter not only for the rich flora and fauna but also for the rejuvenation of life with a fresh breath. This land, which is the place for many homestays and resorts, gives you an amazing experience to enjoy your holiday without anybody’s disturbance.

Tinton Hillstay is located in Karadihallikaval village, in Chikkamagalur district, Karnataka. This place is located in the hills which offers scenic beauty and is the place of mesmerizing nature.

The hillstay offers exceptional service at an affordable price. The interior craft of the resort makes you fall in love with it immediately. The staff are also so co-operative and makes you forget your native and you’ll have no idea of the time you spend there.

Amazing facilities like Air conditioned rooms, Wifi enabled premises, 24*7 power back up, Ample parking etc contribute for your unforgettable vacation in Tinton Hillstay.
Plan your holiday today to spend your next sunset on a chair amidst of the green mountains, sipping your coffee, forgetting the world for a moment. Call the travel desk of Tinton Hillstay right away to book your seat.