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Durgha Homestay

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Shivadurga Home stay

Spending few days amidst the mother nature and enjoy the beauty to the fullest is the nature lover’s dream. Shivadurga home stay provides you an exciting opportunity to make your dream come true.
The beautiful homestay located on the top of hill in Kanchinakaldurga post, Aldur, Chikkamagalur district, is an amazing home stay to spend the beautiful days of your life.
It has got all the exciting features and affordable amenities make your stay comfortable. Private water in the home stay is for your enjoyment not to be disturbed by anybody.
The home stay is suitable spending time with your friends and family which makes your stay amazing and beautiful.
As the home stay bungalow is on top, you canwfill your eyes with the surrounding beauty. Aldur Shooting point around the stay is open for visit all the days of the week except Saturday is the best place to taste the serenity. The surrounding scenic places add feathers to the beauty of Chikkamagaluru name.
Awesome whether in the place adds the pinch of taste to your experience.
And the amazing thing about Shivadurga home stay in Chikkamagaluru is, it’s led by women with the help of few male caretakers, to do some hard works. The feeling of Malnad (western ghats, Sahyadri) makes your vacation memorable.
Visit Shivadurga for the best experience.